How can I communicate in (almost) any Foreign language?

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The frustration of traveling to a country where you don't speak the language is something like being having your mouth tied up, you want to express yourself but you can't. You feel like a child with the brain of an adult, vulnerable and dependent. But on the flip side, it pushes you to get creative in order to get what you want. It's also great if you're from a multi-cultural country with lots of immigrants, to know how they feel when they struggle to find the word, or feel self-conscious about their accent. It's crazy, it's challenging, and we have a love-hate relationship with a good challenge.

We tried 2 apps to survive your next trip to bumblefuck, and most importantly: We cross-checked their translations with locals to confirm "no phrase no sense make". 

-DuoLingo helps you actually learn a language on solid bases and this shit works. It's like a game, and it guides you to learn comprehension, pronunciation, writing, and how to compose basic sentences. Highly recommended. Absolutely FREE :)


Get DuoLingo: here.

-iTranslate Voice: This one is premium, runs at about $10. You select the translate "To" and "From" languages, you tap, and speak in your native language. The app translates (and speaks) the translation of your sentence. This is more useful if you have less time to learn, and just need an app to survive on your next trip.


Get iTranslate: here.



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