10 Essential Items for Travelling

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We all love to travel. The sense of discovering new places and cultures can be addictive. But in order to get the most out of any trip, you have to be prepared. Here are ten essential items no traveler should be without.


If you plan on traveling light to avoid the dreaded baggage carousel, make sure you start off with an appropriately-sized backpack. This 60l backpack is waterproof and has a multitude of side pockets to keep your essentials close at hand.

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Foldable Bag


Once you get to your destination, you'll probably want to keep things even lighter when out exploring. For this, a smaller foldable bag is just the ticket. You can easily throw in a camera, phone and other essentials for the day and leave the bulk of your things back at the hostel or place you'll be staying.

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Power Bank



We've all experienced the dreaded 'low battery' warning on our phones at the most crucial moment. Well no more. With one of these power banks in your kit, you'll never have to worry about struggling with a dead battery again. Just plug it in via a regular USB cable and enjoy a full 15000mAh of power; enough to charge a typical phone four times or more.

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Document Holder

Besides your passport, it's always good to keep hard copies of things such as flight itineraries, hotel bookings, and health & travel insurance certificates. A document holder, therefore, is an essential piece of travel equipment. It's small, compact and the various compartments allow you to organize your documents neatly.

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Water-proof Mobile Phone Case

You know what's fun? The beach. What isn't so much fun, however, is getting water or sand on your expensive new phone. Few of us now carry a separate camera when on holiday as we all rely so much on the camera on our phones. However, remember to protect your investment when out by the beach or swimming pool with this stylish and waterproof case. It takes up virtually no space at all and you can even share it with your friends to keep everyone's holiday selfies protected.

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6 Piece Travel Set of Organizers

Save space while packing. Makes packing/unpacking easier on the road. No need to unpack your entire luggage for one item with this waterproof set. Perfect for laundry as well.

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7 Pc Travel Set

If you plan on taking your toiletries on board with your carry-on luggage, invest in a TSA approved travel set like this which conforms to all the size and weight restrictions imposed by airlines.

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Microfiber Sports Towel

Highly absorbant microfiber towel which rolls up easily to maximise the space in your rucksack.

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